Introducing Manda Mermaid!
This painting is a gypsy tribal mermaid, in a peacock-coloured sea. It's a mermaid portrait of a friend of mine, and unusually for mermaid portraits, this one will be available as an art print from my etsy shop! 

In the original, the sea is a shimmery glittery green and her jewellery is painted in gold ink. Her tail is a shimmery copper. Om nom nom. The magic of an original art piece! In art-print format, it's a bit less shiny and glittery but it's still very tasty indeed. 

On her tail is written "Dancing is the poetry of my feet" in an arabic script, a gorgeous tattoo my friend has been lusting after for a while. Yes, I know she is a mermaid without feet. Perhaps she can switch between land and sea, like Darryl Hannah in Splash. Thus mystery solved.

I'll be doing a breakdown of how the bespoke mermaid art service step by step with Manda Mermaid, so you can see her grow from my friend's questionaire answers to the gorgeous shimmering final piece, so keep your future peepers on the blog!


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